As humans, we’re all trying to discover purpose and meaning in our lives and relationships, and a sense of hope as we long to transcend the many challenges we face in life. 

As a student you’re likely in the process of shaping, defining and adopting your own values and beliefs. This is a time of self-focus and for good reason: you’re seeking a trajectory for your life. You’re looking for fulfillment and direction in areas such as identity, career, significant relationships and independence. In short, you’re adopting a framework of meaning for your life — a spirituality.

Spiritual care

日本一本道最新高清无码Sometimes periods filled with possibility and potential also come with apprehension or struggle. It might feel like there are more questions than answers.

What do you do when your values and aspirations no longer make sense? How do you deal with grief, fears and losses along the way? 

Spiritual care can help you adapt to new or complicated realities and reframe your identity and values in valuable ways.

日本一本道最新高清无码We offer one-on-one emotional and spiritual support to help you cope with roadblocks. 

Spiritual care is available to all, whether you identify as spiritual, atheist, religious or agnostic. We recognize, affirm and work with your existing values and beliefs. 

  • Meet our spiritual care coordinator

    日本一本道最新高清无码Our spiritual care coordinator, Edgar French, has a master of arts in theology, is a registered member of the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care and serves on the provincial executive board. 

    Edgar has had ten years of ministerial experience, providing spiritual support to individuals and families of all backgrounds and beliefs, to both the local parish and the neighbouring community at large.

    In the clinical setting as a spiritual care provider and a member of the clinical interdisciplinary team, Edgar has provided spiritual care to patients facing medically-related grief and loss, particularly patients dealing with end of life matters. On campus, Edgar helps students cope with loss, crises and transitions by assessing and addressing how their spirituality provides resilience.

    His method of care is respectful of the uniqueness of ideals and life-styles, including religious affinities, which shape student identity. His method draws from the wisdom of care that affirms health as not simply the absence of a physical or psychological ailment, but a person's ability to find meaning, hope and purpose in the face of suffering.


    日本一本道最新高清无码The chaplains at UM work cooperatively through the University of Manitoba Chaplains' Association. Each chaplain is an ordained or appointed professional in recognized religious bodies of Canada who have been called or assigned to work at the University of Manitoba in order to provide ministry to the university.

    What we do

    • We offer a variety of services that are open to the entire university community.
    • We provide an open-door counselling service on all religious and personal issues.
    • We develop seminars and programs on current religious, social, and ethical issues.
    • We provide a non-threatening environment where students and university personnel can address basic questions of identity and meaning for their lives.

    Chaplains' Association general office
    102 Y, University Centre
    Sabina Loewen
    Email: sabina.loewen@wiltoo.com
    Phone: 204-474-8721
    Office hours: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    日本一本道最新高清无码Each chaplain is also involved with his or her own denominational community offering worship opportunities, student activities, personal support, and programs that are reflective of their traditions. Above all, we work to be available to members of the university community by meeting with them in the ordinary course of their campus activities. Don't be surprised when you run into us in the cafeterias, lounges, and wherever people gather on campus.

    Weekly and monthly events are posted in offices and on bulletin boards.


    Hillel Winnipeg
    Hartley Mendelsohn 
    Room 149, University Centre
    Phone: 204-477-7407日本一本道最新高清无码 (Jewish Federation)

    Office hours: open daily except holidays

    Hillel Winnipeg is a student-run organization open to all individuals of college or university age. Under the leadership of an elected student executive, Hillel Winnipeg offers an array of social, cultural, and community programs for Jewish Students.
    Hillel Winnipeg is an affiliate member of  and is the representative and programmatic body of over 700 Jewish university students in Winnipeg.  Hillel maintains over 400 campuses in Canada, the United States, Israel, Australia, Europe, and South America.

    General membership
    Hillel Winnipeg has no formal membership.  Any member of the university community is eligible to attend or participate in Hillel Winnipeg programs and activities.  Hillel Winnipeg runs a variety of innovative programs for everyone.

    Hillel Winnipeg counselling service
    Hillel Winnipeg provides short-term counselling for any university student, whether there is a problem with family, a roommate, a spouse or significant other, the law, red tape with the university, grief, anger, religious questions, depression, or academic stress. Our directors are consistently available to help.


    Lutheran Campus Ministry
    Room 102 E, University Centre
    Tel: 204-474-8386

    Please note: The Lutheran chaplain started a different position Dec. 1, 2019 and his Lutheran board hasn't replaced him yet.

    Office information
    Hours: Open daily except holidays, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    Drop-in: Students are welcome to drop by for conversation, to join others at lunch, or meet with members of the chaplaincy team during their posted hours.
    日本一本道最新高清无码Amenities: We have a microwave, coffee pot, and a fridge!

    What we do
    The chaplaincy team is here for you if:

    • you are new to the campus and want a friendly place to relax and meet friends
    • you want to talk about almost anything
    • you are experiencing difficulties in an important relationship, or with studies.
    • you are struggling with your sense of meaning, purpose, or direction in life.
    • your studies are raising important questions for your faith
    • you have questions about sexual intimacy
    • the activities of friends seem to be in conflict with your values.
    • you want to explore a vocation or calling in ministry
    • you are concerned about world issues such as justice, peace, racism, sexism, etc.
    • you are depressed or feel like giving up
    • a friend is experiencing a crisis and you feel helpless, or you need support.
    • you are questioning some of your values, or those of your family or church
    • you are worried about your use of alcohol or drugs
    • someone you know dies or attempts suicide
    • you are excited about something that has happened in your life.

    Luther Lingo
    Where two or three are gathered…
    日本一本道最新高清无码We are called to experience communion with God through our relationships with one another and through devoting ourselves to the study of Scripture. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, God breathes upon us with the Breath of life.  

    Check the bulletin board in the office for Luther Lingo dates and times.

    Chewy Chewsdays lunch hour
    Chewy Chewsdays are monthly free lunches with an opportunity to meet new people and share in discussions. This is an informal gathering held jointly with other denominations.
    Sandwich fixings and dessert provided!
    Meet in Room 102 X, University Centre 
    First Tuesday of every month 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

    Happenings off campus

    • Youth and campus worship services
      • Informal worship services are led by students, youth, and the chaplain on the third Sunday (7:00 p.m.), October to April. Check the bulletin board in the office for details.  The worship is open to the wider community as well. Please bring friends.
    • Services off campus
      • A number of congregations in Winnipeg are now offering contemporary worship services. Please check the local churches for their contemporary worship schedules.


    Inter-Mennonite Campus Ministry (Menno Office)
    Rev. Mark von Kampen, BES, M.L.Arch., M. Div. - Chaplain
    102 D University Centre
    Phone: 204-474-9691
    Email: mvonkampen@gmail.com

    Office hours: open daily except holidays
    日本一本道最新高清无码Chaplain's hours: Tues 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (can change if meetings, holidays, etc.)

    Why visit the Chaplain's office?

    • community
    • questions
    • personal
    • worship and discussion
    • values
    • crisis and stress  


    • Menno Talk: weekly discussion forum
    • Chewy Chewsday: monthly free lunch together with students from other chaplains' offices
    • Joint Worship -- quarterly worship services
    • PB Jam Day -- annual community service events
    • Interfaith Shabbat -- interaction with other faith groups

    Inter-Mennonite Chaplaincy Association
    The Inter-Mennonite Chaplaincy Association is a partnership of three Mennonite Church conferences working together to provide a Mennonite presence and chaplain on the University of Manitoba campus.

    日本一本道最新高清无码The church conferences involved in this Association are:

    • Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference
    • Evangelical Mennonite Conference
    • Mennonite Church Manitoba

    Inter-Mennonite Chaplaincy Association objectives:

    • Provide a Mennonite Christian ministry, that relates to a ministry, that relates to a diverse, multi-faith campus, environment
    • Service as a Christian resource which invites relationship and encourages growth in discipleship among students and staff
    • Offer pastoral care for students and staff
    • Advocate for a safe, respectful campus environment

    Ukrainian Orthodox

    Fr. Roman Bozyk
    Room 102 C, University Centre
    Thursdays only日本一本道最新高清无码, 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (can change if meetings, holidays, etc.)

    Please note: Room 102 C is the main office of Edgar French, spiritual care coordinator, except日本一本道最新高清无码 on Thursdays


    Pathfinder Christian Ministry (PCM)
    Rev. Dr. Ken Stupak, Director
    Room 102 X, University Centre
    Tel: 204-474-8369
    email:  ken.stupak@wiltoo.com
    日本一本道最新高清无码Office is open daily except holidays

    Pathfinder Christian Ministry is a place where people know your name.

    Getting the most from your university experience
    Pathfinder Christian Ministry is here to help you enhance your university experience. You are invited to meet new friends and become involved in learning, leadership and reaching out to others.

    Chewy Chewsdays
    11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
    Room 102X, University Centre
    日本一本道最新高清无码When:  first Tuesday of each month

    • meet new people from other chaplaincies
    • topical discussions
    • lunch provided

    Chili Fridays

    • during the colder months
    • dates and times to be announced

    Available for your use
    In our offices, available for your use, are:

    • microwave
    • small fridge
    • pop (the cheapest on campus)


    Natasha Ali
    207 St. John's College
    Phone: 204-474-7980
    Call for appointment and hours

    Colleges on campus with a chaplaincy

    In addition to the chaplains located in UMSU University Centre, three of the colleges on campus also have their own chaplains. To learn more, click the links below to visit each college's website.

    Contact us

    Fort Garry campus
    102C UMSU University Centre
    University of Manitoba (Fort Garry campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6 Canada

    To access spiritual care on the Fort Garry campus, students can come in person, email or call the office and request an intake appointment.

    日本一本道最新高清无码Email or call in advance to confirm appointments.

    Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
    8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    (closed Thursdays and statutory holidays)

    Bannatyne campus
    S211 Medical Services Building
    University of Manitoba (Bannatyne campus)
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 5V6 Canada

    Spiritual Care provides personal counselling services on Bannatyne campus to all Rady Faculty of Health Sciences students. 

    Call Student Services at Bannatyne Campus office in advance to request an appointment.

    Thursdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.