University of Manitoba Logo

Our new symbol represents an evolution of who we are, and a vision of who we aspire to be.

It stands proudly apart from other institutions, just as we strive to in our impact and our accomplishments. It leaves behind symbols that no longer represent all of us and reflects the best of what we all hope to be. It presents a fresh new tone, a nod to the prairie sky that looks over our land, and our landscape. It carves out a bold new direction, breaking through the symbol itself and showing that there are no limits to where we can go from here.

日本一本道最新高清无码But while we depart from convention, we are not abandoning tradition. Our province’s beloved bison takes centre stage on a rising path. Within the prairie landscape, a flame burns bright, referencing the resilience of our community and our commitment to reconciliation.

This is the new symbol for the University of Manitoba. And while it embodies the insight and perspectives of thousands – across the country and around the world – it is only a symbol. Today, we continue our journey of living up to its potential.

We will continue to work with our community over the coming months to introduce and incorporate the new brand.

The University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is our biggest post-secondary institution, and it is iconic in this province. So, to have a brand that really encompasses all of our strengths is not easy to do. Dayna Spiring

We’re identifying the issues and matters that are most important to Manitoba, to Canada, to the world, and working together to create a better way forward. Ruth Shead

Throughout this process, it gave the University such a unique opportunity to listen to so many voices, from alumni, from Indigenous people, to students, to faculty. Jakob Sanderson

These discussions are happening amongst a whole bunch of groups who havevery different experiences and opinions of the University. Tina Chen

Whether you know you’re trying to speak on behalf of the business community, or whether you’re a student going there trying to find your way, there were themes that excited people. Dayna Spiring

When I saw the logo, and I reflect back on all of the processes that we went through, and all of the discussions that we went through, it captured a lot of what we um, had been through. James Gilchrist

At the University while I’ve been here, I tried to participate in the conversations of the importance of indigenisation, I just didn’t reallyexpect that that was going to really become central to the new logo. Tina Chen

I have the opportunity to share some of the Indigenous design principles that were developed by Indigenous community members, and leaders from across this province. To ensure that Indigenous people’s ways of learning were reflected. Ruth Shead

I think a number of us wanted change, and that was really um, evident, in the discussions. James Gilchrist

The most obvious thing to me is an immediate this is where we live. Ruth Shead

And so that logo, you know, it really has to touch on a lot of different things, and I think it does that really effectively, I think it’s exciting, I think it’s fresh, but I still think it stays true to the traditions of the University. Dayna Spiring

You initially see sort of the bison as the protagonist, such a centralcentral figure, in this province and who we are. Jakob Sanderson

The head of the bison heading into that wind is part of that struggle to um, takes us to a better place. James Gilchrist

The blue to me, represents water, and then we also have the flame I mean I think we associate it a lot with reconciliation, so we have that balance there. Ruth Shead

The moment where I kind of found myself go wow, was when we saw the flame emerge as part of it. Tina Chen

The moment that sealed it for me is when you see the northern lights, because it does make us unique. Dayna Spiring

We don’t just learn from books; oral communication is a way of learning. Ruth Shead

A number of the university logos, every one of them has got a textbook, well we’re in a digital age right now so you ask the question, well really is a textbook necessary? James Gilchrist

I feel like the new logo says we’re willing to take risks. Tina Chen

And it shows that we don’t worry about being like any other institution, weknow who we are, we know where we’re going, and we want to lead the way. Jakob Sanderson

It tells a story of where we came from, and it tells a story about where we can go. Ruth Shead

It’s going to give us the opportunity to tell a new story, and one that we haven’t told before. Dayna Spiring

I see the opportunity to find my own path, and I see opportunity to take that path to become a leader in this province. And I think that’s what that logo screams to me is that you are here, this is your place, this is your future, go take it. Jakob Sanderson

The new graphic component of the University of Manitoba logo.

The Sky

Powerful graphic shapes evoke the sky, while representing learning, knowledge and progress.

The Path

The white space behind the bison, framed by the earth and the sky, depicts a path. This represents the idea all can find their path at the University of Manitoba.

The Bison

The bison becomes our core symbol, representing strength, leadership and determination. She’s walking up hill, into the wind.

The Flame

A flame burns bright in the prairie landscape, recognizing our commitment to reconciliation.

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